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Beverly Hills chandelier being wiped clean.


Our process for cleaning a chandelier is much more involved than just dusting and/or wiping. Because we have the equipment and experience that window cleaners, maids, janitors, and even other chandelier cleaning companies do not have, the results of our efforts are far superior. We know what solutions will not damage a fixture and when it is safe to use moisture.

Silver nickel restored and cleaned by our staff.


Restoring is not the same as cleaning. Restoring involves bringing a fixture or glass/metal work back to life with more extensive methods than a standard cleaning would require. It's more than just getting dirt off or changing the light bulbs. If your brass chandelier, for instance, is tarnished, our polishing process will bring it back to its original luster. We can even re-lacquer metal pieces.

Crating a chandelier for moving.


Are you remodeling your home and in need of a temporary storage crate for your chandelier? Are you moving and need to safely transport your chandelier, light fixture, or other fragile art or decorative piece? Give us a call with the dimensions and other details. We can make any size crate. We can even uninstall the chandelier for you and store it at our shop.



This service also distinguishes us from cleaning companies that just do chandelier cleaning as an add-on service. We have an in-depth knowledge of chandeliers. Our team can fix broken arms and crystal pendants, replace boboshe, etc. We also have many contacts in the chandelier industry that we can call on for electrical, glass blowing, etc.



You may like the frame and stem of your chandelier, but perhaps not the dressing. Perhaps the chandelier has old pins and clips that are rusty and need replaced. Perhaps the crystal pendants are just not the quality the you'd like. You can always replace. We know where you can shop online, etc. We can disassemble and re-dress or re-pin. If there is a piece that you need custom duplicated, we have a guy.



We clean at-height everyday. We mostly do chandelier cleaning, but we also at times clean hard to reach ceilings, beams, vent faces, and other surfaces. We have HEPA rated equipment filters and bags. The largest high access cleaning we have done is a 100,000 square foot aerospace facility, so we know what we are doing.

Taking a chandelier apart.

Sometimes this is absolutely necessary, but usually not. If you have hollow areas of glass that are dirty on the inside, send us a picture via email for a quick discussion about your options.

Quality before Quantity.

We want you to get your microscope out. We have white-glove test mentality.


We do not over-spin your chandelier, nor do we deal with it heavy-handedly. Our cleaning is gentle.

Great Customer Service

We supply this service for free. Every customer should be treated fairly. From fair pricing to use of shoe covers, we want you to know that we appreciate your business.


Our team has cleaned countless fixtures. We've been at it for almost a decade. If you have a chandelier, be it Italian, French, Swiss, or made here in the States, we've probably cleaned one very similar to it.


Have you ever seen a patina coat that you didn't like? Well, let us remove it for you!

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We can usually give a rough quote over the phone, or you can email us for an exact quote. If necessary, we also do site visits.