Professional Chandelier Cleaning Services of Santa Monica, California. Zip codes: 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90406, 90407, 90408, 90409, 90401, 90410, & 90411.
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Brilliant crystal chandelier cleaning.

Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning services Santa Monica, California. We clean and restore chandeliers in and around the city. We are insured and can provide references upon request. We have cleaned for thousands of clients in Southern California, and we love the resort town of S.M. From the high bluffs to the beaches, we enjoy working here.

If you live or work in Santa Monica give us a call for a free quote. We've cleaned many chandeliers in homes and work spaces of Santa Monica- in fact, we service all of Los Angeles County. Our owner started cleaning chandeliers in 2005 and has cleaned more chandeliers than just about anyone who knows the Santa Ana winter winds or has driven back and forth on the 10 freeway for hundreds of hours listening to talk radio to pass the time.

Click over to our contact page if you'd like to fill out our contact form or feel free to just give us a call, either way we'd love to give you a fast quote!

Owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning

Aaron Jones (pictured left or above) is the owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning. He has been cleaning chandeliers for 12 years. He has worked on almost 2000 light fixtures and that number rises everyday. If you have a broken glass arm, we can likely fix it. If you have a brass chandelier and it has tarnish all over it, give us a call to set an appointment to get it shining like new!

Give us a call if you have an antique, expensive, heavy chandelier or if you just have a small light fixture- we do it all.