Chandelier cleaning gallery of original photos. If your style of chandelier is not here, don' worry, we still have cleaned one like it!
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Our Chandelier Cleaning Photo Gallery

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Large Chandeliers
Call on our experience!
Gentle Hands for Delicate Chandeliers
Ask us how we keep your chandelier intact.
Unusual Fixtures
Call us to explain your project!
Outdoor Lamps & Lanterns
Are there cobwebs inside, behind the glass?
Kitchen Light Fixtures
We can safely plank over unmovable tables and islands.
Intricate Pieces
Our standards of cleaning are very high.
Crystal Beading
Patient cleaning one by one.
Restaurant Stairway Chandelier
Chip-prone if removed, but our specialty.
Wooden Chandeliers
Cleaned without water damage.
Heavy Chandeliers
We will keep them safe during our process.
Glass Bubbles Suspended on Wires
These must be cleaned with safe methods.
Ceiling Fan Cleaning
Have us give you a quote.
Crystal with Metal Frame
Our methods clean frame and crystal thoroughly.
Metal Chandelier Cleaning
Chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.- we clean it all.
Scissor Lift / Boom Lift Use
At-height chandelier cleaning is no problem!
Friendly Techs
We provide a necessary but enjoyable service!
Globe Chandelier Cleaning
Easy to streak, hard to reach? We will take care of it!
Glass Cylinders, Metal Frame
Unique lighting, no problem. Metal shining, no problem.
Deep Crystal Chandeliers
Delicate work is our specialty.
Ceiling Mounted Light Fixture
We keep the ceiling free of finger prints while we work.
Modern Decorative Lighting
We work on almost any lighting fixture.
Restoration Work
Call us for details.
Painted & Finished Chandeliers
We deep clean without stripping the surface.
Complicated Cleanings
Depicted is a chandelier we've done for a condo complex lobby.
Hotel Chandeliers
Call for a quote.
Colored Glass Lighting
Chip-prone if not prepped well prior to cleaning.